How to Fit in Fun Foods

When we get the chance, Joe and I try to steal a little time on a Sunday to take each other out for breakfast dates at the St Albans Waffle House, and an almighty gym session to catch up on the week gone.

A healthy mind, strong body & a full heart. These are my three tick boxes for having a beautiful life.

Don’t miss out on the best parts of your life because of your diet. Don’t stop collecting those memories that make you who you are and don’t be afraid of food, particularly fats and carbs. There is absolutely no need to cut these macros out of your diet and definitely no scientific justification for not enjoying cheeky waffle date!

You’ve just got to be a little smart about it.


Wait, what?!

You might have just read that, looked at your macros, and thought ‘yeah there’s no way i can fit that in!’

Something so many people do is consider their daily nutritional intake based on a 24 hour period. It’s easier to chunk it down right?

But what  if you have a routine where yo

u go out for date night with your partner or pop in to see the grandparents for that unbelievable home made roast your nana cooks every week, where you know your nutritional consumption is going to be higher than average on those days, then you can tweak your macros accordingly.

It’s not Rocket Science

You’re probably wondering where i’m going with this but you’ll be please to know it’s actually pretty simple.

If the above examples resinate with you even slightly, then you might want to start looking at your overall calorie and macro intake over a one week period instead of just 24 hours.

By doing this, instead of having say 1,800 cals per day to play with you will have 12,600 per week.

The benefit of looking at the bigger picture is that you now have lot more to play with. So, if you want to go out for what the majority of the world would consider to be a ‘cheat’ meal – you can adjust your daily calories accordingly to fit it in.

For Example

When we go to the waffle house, i take my daily limit of 1650 cals (they’re low because i’m cutting as i write this – yes waffles and abs are a thing) and times it by 7 days.

1650 x 7 = 11,550 cals per week on a macro split of:

  • 40% protein (total of 1,155g)
  • 35% carbs (total of 1,008g) and
  • 25% fat (total of 322g)

I know that my favourite meal from this place costs me 1,020 cals so I take this amount off of my weekly limit.

Once i have figured out the new weekly limit, i’ll divide by 7 days and get my new daily allowance at the 40:35:25 split.

My New Overall Calories

11,500 cals – 1,020 cals = 10,530 cals (new weekly allowance)

  • 40% protein
  • 35% carbs
  • 25% fat

10,530cals/ 7 days = 1,504 cals (new daily allowance)

  • 40% protein
  • 35% carbs
  • 25% fat

This ensures that i abso-bloody-lutely get to enjoy my all time favourite breakfast and still have it fit my macros, without having to starve myself stupid for the rest of the day because I used up the majority of my daily limit in one go. Not only that, but It doesn’t un-do all my hard work that week either!

Remember, fat loss is a result of calories in vs calories out on a consistent basis over a period of time.

Life is for living. So go ahead, treat yo self.